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Toyota Innova Sold on: 15 August 2014

I had really an awesome and wonderful introduction with TSM. It's assured that to sell a vehicle, I think this could be an appropriate place for anyone, I hope.

Praveen Manthiramoorthy
Maruti Ritz Bought on: 12 September 2014

Thanks for the Support Team TSM! I bought a silver Ritz petrol car and I am very happy by the way your Staff responded to me during the chain of communications and vehicle delivery. I am very happy with the performance of my ritz. I have started recommending my friends to TSM for used cars. Keep up the good work.

V. Leela Kumar
Maruti Swift Sold on: 22 October 2014

I had a very good experience selling my car through TSM. I researched the market for a month and this was the best offer I got. The transaction also happened very quickly. Thank you TSM!

Ford Figo Bought on: 10 November 2014

I purchased my car though TSM last month. I am happy that I got a car I liked and at a price I liked as well. Coming to TSM, I have slowly changed my mind set about buying used cars.

Hyundai Verna Sold on: 18 January 2015

My first conversation with TSM gave me the confidence that I am selling my car through a reputed source. They educated me on how to assess a used car and explained me on how they derived at a selling price. I can undoubtedly say that TSM is the place to go for trading used cars


We have dealt with TSM for over 18 years now. We have been trading in our cars for new or newer vehicles regularly over these years. It has been a completely hassle free experience. More importantly, the documentation is clear, clean and very legal.

Kishore S.N. Vice President. Triad Software Pvt. Ltd. Read More

23 April 2015

We have dealt with TSM for over 18 years now. We have been trading in our cars for new or newer vehicles regularly over these years. It has been a completely hassle free experience. More importantly, the documentation is clear, clean and very legal. The financial aspects have been clear and fair with no room for any niggling doubts.

The Sales and Marketing team has been very helpful in aiding us with the right choice for our requirements and budget. The S&M team have answered all our questions very patiently, with sincerity, during multiple visits before decision making. The customer service has been truly outstanding.

The cars purchased at TSM has given us a trouble-free performance throughout our usage over time.

Overall, we have had a great experience in all our transactions at TSM who have been a one-stop shop for all our automotive purchases.

Kishore S.N.
Vice President.
Triad Software Pvt. Ltd.

My association with TS Mahalingam and Sons is more than a decade. It has always been my 'one stop' solution for buying a used car. I have always found that TSM's advice is tailor made to your needs. Mr Ravishankar and his staff are always courteous, honest and support you far beyond the purchase.

Sasi Dr.V.Sripathi MS, MCh, FRACS Senior Consultant Pediatric Urologist and Robotic Surgeon Apollo Children's Hospital

I wish to share my experience and feeling in dealing with TSM. The team of persons make you comfortable and at ease during the transaction. One would feel at home. They prove to be responsible and that exhibits their TRUST in action.

Best wishes R Raman


Tyre rotation is done to achieve even tread wear and long tread life. Rotation is necessary because of the uneven wear of each wheel on the vehicle. For example, front wheel drive vehicles place braking, steering and driving forces on the front axle tyres. Rear axle tyres only receive braking forces resulting in a much faster wear rate for the front axle tyres. Hence, tyre rotation becomes very important for optimum tyre life. [caption id="attachment_185" align="alignnone" width="800"]Tyre rotation important to even tread wear Tyre rotation important to even tread wear[/caption]
0 | 19.08.2016 09:44 AM | PRIYAPARTHA
Ok, so you want to buy a car - it's a serious decision that could come back to haunt you if you haven't asked yourselves the right questions before making it. Most people decide on a car based on a brand they like or the budget they have instead of selecting the right car that will suit their purpose and purse. Do you know the what, where, why, how of buying a car? Here is our guide to questions you must ask and answer before buying a car:

What kind of car?

Cars come in many sizes and shapes and before selecting one, you must first understand why you need the car and choose an appropriate model for it. If you will primarily use your car to drive within the city, and if you are a nuclear family, a hatchback or a compact sedan will be sufficient since they are easy to handle and easy to park in congested city traffic. On the other hand, if you have an extended family or you drive long distances on a regular basis, you might want to consider a more spacious MPV or a sturdy SUV. Read here for more details on how to select the right kind of car.

What variants/options do I need in the car?

Most cars offer several variants in each model - Petrol/Diesel and Manual/Automatic transmission being the ones to bear serious consideration. Diesel is cheaper than petrol but Diesel cars are more expensive at the time of buying the car. Maintenance cost is also higher and insurance will be costlier too owing to the higher price of the vehicle. It takes roughly about 4 years, given the current differential in petrol and diesel prices for an individual to break even with the Diesel variant. So, if the plan is to hold on to the car for a long period of time, Diesel will be worthwhile but if you are planning to trade your car every 2-3 years, petrol variant might be the more viable choice. However, if you are planning long trips with the car, then the fuel cost savings will be considerable to favour the Diesel variant. Read our blog on Manual Vs Automatic transmission cars to decide which will be the best option for you.

New or Used Car?

The advantages of buying a new car are plenty - manufacturer's warranty, smell of new leather (if you like that), mint condition are among those. But buying a second hand car has one great advantage - Cost. Did you know that your car depreciates in value by almost 10-15% as soon as you drive a new car off the dealership? By the end of one year, the car would have lost almost 20% of its value by depreciation. The rate of depreciation is slower for every subsequent year but by 5 years, the car’s value drops by over 60%. Read our blog post on depreciation here. If you or your company do not benefit by declaring depreciation on a balance sheet, the cost advantage of buying a used-car makes it a better choice. Buying a second hand car from a trusted source limits the risk of buying a lemon. Getting a used car that is only 2-3 years old will save you depreciation while still being in good condition.

Which Brand?

This is a tricky question - which brand of car do you choose, based on your answers to the first 3 questions? If one leaves the image and status value of brands aside and only focus on the merits of the car itself, it is an easier task to pick the right brand. The first criteria would be your budget. If you have decided to buy a sedan, you could buy a Maruti Swift D'zire for Rs 6 lakhs or a Toyota Camry for Rs 30 lakhs. So set your budget and then look for choices in that range. Next would be to see which brand, among your price range, offers the best service in your area. Availability of service and spare parts must be a consideration since these have a bearing on the maintenance of the car.

Where do I buy the car?

If you are buying a new car, the choice is easier - go to the authorised dealership of the brand of your choice and book the car. Here too, make sure that the dealership offers good financing plans, insurance and will complete the paperwork associated with all of this in a clean and swift manner. If you are thinking of a second hand car, then make sure you buy it from a trusted source. Used-car dealers come in all forms so be sure you pick ones that are reputed and trust-worthy. Fly by night operators may offer big discounts but they could be window dressing lemons. Look for dealerships that have been operating for a long time and offer you good options in insurance and financing. Cars listed online are not always what they claim to be and do not offer any add-on service like arranging finance or insurance. All the paper work is also your own responsibility, which can be time consuming.  
1 | 18.08.2016 10:13 AM | ADMIN
Have you travelled from Chennai to Bangalore by road? If you haven't yet, you should drive through the Hosur route to the Garden City for a very scenic and a very smooth ride. Once you clear the crazy city traffic and satiate your appetite by brunching at the Motel Highway at Nazarathpet, its a bumpy ride on a two lane highway to Kancheepuram. But once you hit the Ranipet junction, it is a dream ride all the way up to Krishnagiri. Its a 6-lane highway with sparse traffic and the slow moving trucks generally tend to keep to the left most lane leaving the right lane open for zipping. The route is very scenic to boot. Driving past the green Jawaadu Hills, you wonder if world-class roads have indeed come to India. But.....wait a minute....a pleasurable driving experience is not just a smooth, wide road, isn't it? What else is missing? Actually when you think about it, a number of things come to mind. Here is a wishlist for a truly great highway trip:

Highway Restrooms

Just as Shakespeare said "All the world is my stage", Indian highway travellers claim "All the open space is my toilet" :( It is a funny sighting when you spot a sparkly BMW parked on the side of the road where the cool driver of the car has gotten off to take a leak behind a bush. Women just have to go without drinking anything during long drives or go in search of highway motels that graciously offer use of their restroom. It would be a real dream come true if the Ministry of Road transport would take pity on travellers and build toilets along national highways. After all, Swachch Bharat applies to highways too, right?

Auto Repair Shops

Have you ever had a tyre burst on a highway and wondered how to fix it? If you are a hands on person that can change a spare, good for you. If not, one is left stranded on a highway frantically making a call or wishing for a good Samaritan to help you out. Repair shops on the roadside know very well to exploit your predicament and charge exorbitantly for shoddy services. Memberships with organizations like the AASI promise roadside breakdown assistance but the speed of service leaves a lot to be desired. So, this takes top priority on our wishlist - a reliable roadside assistance program and reputed auto repair shops along the highway.


It costs close to Rs 400 in toll fee alone to get to the TN-Karnataka border from Chennai by road. God forbid, if one runs out of cash to pay these tollbooths you are stuck with nowhere to go for cash unless you go off road and drive into a town searching for an ATM. It would be wonderful to have ATMs at every gas station or rest area for the benefit of the cash strapped.

Smart Cards for Highway Tolls

Just as those annoying speed breakers within the city, the toll booths are the speed breakers on highways. It doesn't matter if you have right change, you still have to wait behind that carbon monoxide spewing truck at every toll booth. It takes an average of 5-6 minutes on the highway toll booths and they certainly add up to a good half hour lost before you complete a 5 hour journey. If cars could have smart cards that could be recharged at gas stations and have a dedicated "Smart Card Only" drive through lane at these toll booths, motorists can save on precious time. Also saves the hassle of looking for the right change.

Convenience Stores

There are restaurants and dhabas that offer some food choice to the travellers but what is sorely lacking are Convenience Stores. If you are travelling with a child in the car that needs a spare nappy or a nauseous friend that needs a ginger drink, there is literally nowhere to go. Some gas stations offer a mini variety of a store but such locations are few. The Ministry of Road Transport mentioned a Highway Amenities Program in one of its release in September 2015 and this needed to be cleared by one of those high powered committees. If and when this proposal will be implemented will be anyone's guess. If you have an item to add to this wishlist, please comment below.          
0 | 11.08.2016 03:25 PM | ADMIN