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Toyota Innova Sold on: 15 August 2014

I had really an awesome and wonderful introduction with TSM. It's assured that to sell a vehicle, I think this could be an appropriate place for anyone, I hope.

Praveen Manthiramoorthy
Maruti Ritz Bought on: 12 September 2014

Thanks for the Support Team TSM! I bought a silver Ritz petrol car and I am very happy by the way your Staff responded to me during the chain of communications and vehicle delivery. I am very happy with the performance of my ritz. I have started recommending my friends to TSM for used cars. Keep up the good work.

V. Leela Kumar
Maruti Swift Sold on: 22 October 2014

I had a very good experience selling my car through TSM. I researched the market for a month and this was the best offer I got. The transaction also happened very quickly. Thank you TSM!

Ford Figo Bought on: 10 November 2014

I purchased my car though TSM last month. I am happy that I got a car I liked and at a price I liked as well. Coming to TSM, I have slowly changed my mind set about buying used cars.

Hyundai Verna Sold on: 18 January 2015

My first conversation with TSM gave me the confidence that I am selling my car through a reputed source. They educated me on how to assess a used car and explained me on how they derived at a selling price. I can undoubtedly say that TSM is the place to go for trading used cars


We have dealt with TSM for over 18 years now. We have been trading in our cars for new or newer vehicles regularly over these years. It has been a completely hassle free experience. More importantly, the documentation is clear, clean and very legal.

Kishore S.N. Vice President. Triad Software Pvt. Ltd. Read More

23 April 2015

We have dealt with TSM for over 18 years now. We have been trading in our cars for new or newer vehicles regularly over these years. It has been a completely hassle free experience. More importantly, the documentation is clear, clean and very legal. The financial aspects have been clear and fair with no room for any niggling doubts.

The Sales and Marketing team has been very helpful in aiding us with the right choice for our requirements and budget. The S&M team have answered all our questions very patiently, with sincerity, during multiple visits before decision making. The customer service has been truly outstanding.

The cars purchased at TSM has given us a trouble-free performance throughout our usage over time.

Overall, we have had a great experience in all our transactions at TSM who have been a one-stop shop for all our automotive purchases.

Kishore S.N.
Vice President.
Triad Software Pvt. Ltd.

My association with TS Mahalingam and Sons is more than a decade. It has always been my 'one stop' solution for buying a used car. I have always found that TSM's advice is tailor made to your needs. Mr Ravishankar and his staff are always courteous, honest and support you far beyond the purchase.

Sasi Dr.V.Sripathi MS, MCh, FRACS Senior Consultant Pediatric Urologist and Robotic Surgeon Apollo Children's Hospital

I wish to share my experience and feeling in dealing with TSM. The team of persons make you comfortable and at ease during the transaction. One would feel at home. They prove to be responsible and that exhibits their TRUST in action.

Best wishes R Raman


Carpediais a new section in TSM blogs featuring all you need to know about cars and their history. We start the first edition of Carpedia featuring the much loved Honda City.


Honda City has been the darling of the sedan segment in India, since its launch in 1998 and has been consistently in the top 10 cars by sales volume. But Honda had originally launched the City as a sub-compact hatchback in 1981 for the Japanese and European markets. The sub-compact was discontinued in 1994 but the City name was reused to launch the 4-door sedan for Asia and Australia. Honda first set up its manufacturing plant in Noida, India in 1997 and launched the sedan in 1998 for the Indian market. Original Honda City 1981


The Honda City ( Ballade) was launched in 1998 in India and took the sedan segment by storm. Rivals for the City at that time were the Opel Astra (which does not sell in India anymore) and the Ford Fiesta. Both the cars quickly lost market share to Honda and the City became the numero Uno among sedans. Honda City 1st gen India 1998 The first gen City was soon upgraded to the 2nd gen Honda City ZX in 2004, which had an upgraded sleek look. This was followed by the 3rd gen Honda City in 2003, which had some premium feature options added in like the sunroof and automatic gear shift. The 4th gen Honda City, launched in 2014,features a diesel engine variant for the first time. It is amazing to note that the model ruled the sedan segment despite being available only as a petrol variant until 2014. With the addition of the fuel-efficient diesel variant, the Honda City completely dominated the sedan segment until recently. The entry of Maruti Ciaz has given some competition to the model in 2016. Honda City 4th Gen India 2014 The 4th gen Honda City also has premium features likesun roof, reverse camera, climate control, button start, auto locking doors, leather seats, infotainment system with bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, keyless entry, electrically adjustable rear view mirrors etc. The car is also hailed for its stable performance at high speed and a responsive braking system. At TSM, the Honda City remains one of the most frequently traded sedans and gives both the seller and buyer of used cars good value for their money.      
0 | 12.01.2017 07:41 AM | PRIYAPARTHA
India has seen a boom in e-commerce in the last few years thanks to growing penetration of mobile phones and internet. Buying and selling used items online has also seen a surge with many websites acting as enablers of the transaction. It sounds so simple and easy and it is really a boon for people who would like to effortlessly get rid of their old unused items. There are quite a number of websites that invite you to list your used car to online purchasers. How does it work, what are the benefits of this and what are the pitfalls - let us discuss...

How does it work?

Listing your used car for sale online is quite simple. You register on the website that you want to list your used car on, using your mobile number and/or email id. There is a simple verification process after which you can post details of your vehicle. Typically this would involve the details on the make, model, mileage and some pictures. It would take 10 minutes to probably post these details.  You would also be required to post the asking price for your used car. You can use your own methodology for calculating the fair price for your car or depend on some online tools available to do so. Once the listing is complete, you can wait for interested buyers to contact you on your mobile number. It is that simple, or is it?

The Advantages

It is quick - yes, it is to upload an advertisement. Takes you 10 minutes of your time. It is cheap - well, the listing costs you nothing at all. And if you are able to close a deal, you also save on dealership commission which could work out to 3-5% of the value, at the least. You get wide reach - Many of the trade facilitating websites have very good traffic and that is bound to get you a large number of buyers to see your car. Plus, you are free to list your car in more than one such website. You are in control of the negotiation - As the seller, you get to fix the price you want to sell your car at. If you are sure that your car is worth a certain value, you can negotiate with the interested buyers and get the maximum value for your used car.

The Disadvantages

Although e-commerce has boomed in India, the market is still nascent and laws regulating the industry are patchy. This exposes the users to several dangers online and it is a case of Caveat Emptor for the buyer and Caveat Venditor for the seller. Listing your used car online is fraught with certain risks and it is important that you are aware of these before you sign up to do so. Data Safety - When you sign up to list anything through an online portal, you are required to submit your mobile number and email id. Other personal information like the city you live in and locality also needs to be mentioned. Data security is still a very murky area in India and there is no guarantee that this information will not be used. At the least, expect to receive annoying marketing sms texts and phone calls. Buyer Authentication - The online portal will not tell you this but there is hardly any background verification done on those that wish to contact you as a buyer. Fraudsters find it easy to pose as buyers and then find ingenious ways to dupe you. It will be a whole blog post on all those ways they find to hoodwink you and we will get to that at a later date. But it is upon you to be careful while you deal with strangers. A few cases have been reported where the buyers have used the vehicle for nefarious activities landing the original owner in trouble with the law. Price Guarantee - While it is up to you to demand a price, many a times you don't find takers at that price. Buyers will almost always bargain and it is a laborious and painful process before you can settle on a mutually acceptable price. Some buyers are very skilled at negotiations (most buyers online are car dealerships who have mastered the art of negotiation) and may leave you with a not so favourable deal. Many sellers online have waited for months before they could sell their used cars online and in such cases, the price would have had to be marked down too due to lack of demand. Documentation - Registering the sale of your used car and transfer of ownership to the new buyer is a time consuming process that might require a trip or two to the RTO in your area. Online portals do not offer any assistance on this and it is between the buyer and the seller to get the paperwork sorted out. Read about all the documentation requirements for a car sale here. Loan Closure - If your car has been purchased with a loan, it is imperative that you close the loan and cancel the loan lien on the car before the buyer can register the car in his/her name. This involves some time spent with the bank or the lending institution to sort out the paperwork and other legal requirements. In conclusion, all the advantages of an online sale are negated by the realities of closing a sale and exposes the seller to more risk. A trusted dealership like TSM, can get all the hassles of selling your car out of the way as we offer valuation at your doorstep, spot cash purchase or Park and Sell options, and we also handle all the paperwork involved. Our buyers are authenticated to safeguard your interests and all our dealings are tax compliant.      
0 | 05.01.2017 12:11 PM | PRIYAPARTHA
Maruti retains its stranglehold on the Top 10 Cars in Nov 2016 with the top 5 coming from the their portfolio. The Alto, Dzire, Swift and WagonR retain their slots at the top. The very stylish Baleno made its way to the top 5 in November this year. The premium hatchback from Maruti saw robust sales and edged ahead of Hyundai's Grand i10, which is number 6 on the list. Renault Kwid consolidates its strong presence in the Top 10 cars at number 8 and continues to pose a threat to the Maruti stable of hatchbacks. Reports suggest that Maruti is planning more models in the entry segment to stave off Kwid's advances. The surprise entry into the top 10 cars has come from Tata Tiago - the compact hatchback launched by Tata Motors earlier in 2016. Tata Tiago has seen strong sales growth since launch and makes its way into the top 10, edging out Honda City. The entry of Tiago makes the top 10 cars list consist only of hatchbacks. Read this to understand what is a hatchback car and the various other types of car segments.


Brand, Model

Units Sold

1 Maruti Suzuki Alto 23320
2 Maruti Suzuki Dzire 17218
3 Maruti Suzuki WagonR 15566
4 Maruti Suzuki Swift 14594
5 Maruti Suzuki Baleno 11093
6 Hyundai Grand i10 11059
7 Maruti Suzuki Celerio 9543
8 Renault Kwid 7847
9 Hyundai Elite i20 7601
10 Tata Tiago 6008
Prices for the cars range from Rs 2.5 lakhs  - Rs 5 lakhs for the compact segment that consists of Alto, WagonR , Tiago, Kwid, WagonR and Grand i10. Prices for the premium hatchbacks like Baleno, Swift, Dzire and Elite i20 are upwards of Rs 5 lakhs. Hatchbacks also remain best sellers in used car sales. For an extensive selection of used hatchbacks, contact TSM Cars at +91 7299997505 or email us at enquiry@tsmcars.com.
0 | 24.12.2016 06:00 AM | PRIYAPARTHA