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Pioneers in the used cars business in India, T.S.Mahalingam & Sons was established in the year 1935. Seventy Five Years later, TSM today is a well known and well respected used car brand in the Country.
Pioneers in the pre-owned cars business in the country established since 1935, TSM today is a distinguished and highly respected PRE-OWNED CAR BRAND in the market. With over 200 cars traded month-on-month across branches, TSM still remains the dominant competitor and a market leader in this marketplace. With several organized competitors intensifying competition, TSM continues to enjoy the glory of still being the PREFERRED CHOICE among consumers. Customers perceive brand TSM for attributes like Safety, Security & Guarantee. TSM’s approach “A customer today is OUR CUSTOMER forever” has ensured high retention rate as customers love to come back and speak with TSM. From customer’s perspective



Consumers, multinational corporations, small & medium enterprises and other businesses recall the brand “TSM” whenever they want to trade cars. Government bodies, Public Sector Banks, IT Department, Wealth Tax Department and Tribunals setup for liquidation of assets have used TSM’s services for valuating pre-owned cars. TSM’s reputation and impeccable track record have attracted the attention of leading Banks, FIs and Insurance Companies in the country. Many of them today have TSM as their preferred Distribution Partner.

Unbiased Assessment

TSM still remains to be the final destination for consumers that seek solid professional advice for trading their pre-owned car(s). Our experienced personnel ensure that the assessment is truthful and unbiased and supports customers towards making informed decisions. Decades of experience and intricate understanding of the used car market enable us to offer the RIGHT PRICE for any car. Prices offered by TSM are considered neutral and is used for benchmarking pre-owned car prices in the market.

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